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You will have noticed a few abbreviations such as A.S.C. and RC, as well as symbls denoting standard and optional features. Below is what it all means along with an explaination where possible.

Term  Meaning  Description
A.S.C. PLUS   Automatic Speed Control   A power reserve that is automatically at the operators disposal when needed.
RC   Continuous Rotation   Continuous slew past 360°
RAD   Radio Remote Control   Wireless multi function remote control. Available as standard on some models and as an option on all models.
 Symbol   Meaning   
Storable manual extensions   Storable Manual Extensions    
removable manual extensions   Manual Extensions   Must be removed before folding the crane
360 degree rotation   360° Rotation    
Additional accessories   Additional Accessories    
Additional free section   Additional Free Section, not activated    
Additional functions   Additional Functions    
Outrigger with lateral extention   Additional Outriggers, lateral extension    
Outriggers with no extention   Additional Outriggers, without extension    
Personnel basket   Basket    
RC or continuous rotation   RC or Continuous Rotation    Continuous slew past 360°
Dual controls   Dual Controls    
Large ground plates   Large Dimension Ground Plates    
Load limiting safety device   Load Limiting Device   All our stock cranes are fitted with a LLD to meet current regulations.
Manual extensions   Manual Extensions   Depending on the model, a number of manual extensions can be added
Hydraulic outriggers   Hydraulic Outriggers    
Make ready for remote control   Predisposition for Radio Remote Control    
Load sensing pump   Pump with Load Sensing    
RAD - Radio remote control   Radio Remote Control    
Swing up outriggers   Swing up Outriggers    
Top seat controls   Top Seat    
Winch   Winch    
Wired remote control   Wired Remote Control    
DANFOSS valve   DANFOSS Compensated Valve   Flow & Pressure compensated
Double rotation group   Double Rotation Group    


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